What age group does book reach?

PRO-LIFE KIDS! was written for elementary school-aged children. Even younger children will enjoy and learn (2-5 year olds).  Middle-schoolers, older teens and even parents will take away valuable lessons, especially how to be pro-life in their local community.

Does this book lean toward any particular denomination?

Nope. It is non-denominational and both Catholics and Protestants can easily use this book at home, in schools and in churches and parishes across the country. This life-affirming approach has broad appeal to people of all kinds of backgrounds.

Is it age-appropriate?

Yes. The question seems almost needless in a day and age when Kindergarteners are being exposed to raunchy material and content that is completely inappropriate. “Progressive” activists are always targeting children. We have to teach our kids before a broken world reaches them.

The book does not address conception which would lead to discussions about sex. That is a sensitive topic that must be up to the parent to address. But we do touch on themes that young children in K-5 are always exposed to but from a redemptive perspective. For instance, elementary students are taught about slavery, the holocaust, “feminism”, war, the Berlin Wall,  racism and many other social issues.

The beauty of PRO-LIFE KIDS! is that the adult(s) can choose how deep they want to go in explaining any of the thoughts or concepts as they feel led.

Can I buy a book for my library?

Absolutely. The book has a Library of Congress number (2019914411) so PRO-LIFEKIDS! can be placed in any school or local library. Put copies in your church libraries as well!

What does my purchase help support?

Every dollar of PRO-LIFE KIDS! books and PLK Truth Gear products goes directly into our life-affirming non-profit work at the Radiance Foundation.


Can I buy in bulk?

Absolutely. Please click this link for bulk orders.

Can it be shipped internationally?

Absolutely. Please use this link to purchase the book if you’re outside of the United States.

What payment methods are available?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club credit cards.

Is it available in Ebook form?

Not yet. We’re launching an Ebook version soon.

Is it available in Spanish?

Not yet. We’re planning on launching our Spanish version in 2023.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Sorry. We don’t.