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Story & Mission

Children are naturally pro-life. But they don’t stay that way unless they are educated about what it means to value every human life — planned or unplanned, able or disabled. The Radiance Foundation exists to creatively illuminate that every human life has purpose. And we’re so excited about this brand new initiative–PRO-LIFE KIDS! We want to empower parents, teachers, faith leaders, and any teen or adult who would like to convey an age-appropriate pro-life worldview to children. As a pro-life mama and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, I’ve authored this one-of-a-kind children’s book to help shift culture.  It is a beautifully illustrated journey (thanks to an incredible illustrator, Ed Koehler) that helps anyone teach an age-appropriate pro-life worldview to children.

This project provides fun and informative Truth Gear and will feature more content throughout 2023.

As a mom of biological and adopted children, I believe every child — regardless of circumstances — has equal and irrevocable worth. There’s no such thing as unwanted. We’re all wanted by someone.